Amy & Rory; Proud or Disappointed Parents?

General_Chris - Posted on 27 August 2011

In my blog 'Realm Beyond Sight' I have posted an article thinking past the show about how Amy and Rory might react to finding out that River is their daughter. (You can check it out at the link below and comment as well.)

Though there many questions still unanswered, one of the biggest questions concerning River Song, a popular character in the Doctor Who television series, has been answered; who is she? This year's mid-season finale A Good Man Goes To War revealed to us that River Song is the child of Amy Pond and Rory Williams. However, the original name given to River by Amy was Melody Pond. It was explained that her name was changed because the People of the Forest do not have a word for 'pond' because the only water in the forest is the river. Though this doesn't explain why the translation of her last name became her first name and why she got rid of 'Melody' altogether. It also makes you question why she was with the People of the Forest in the first place.

Parents want to see their children grow up to be safe and successful. They want to know that they've done a good job at raising their child and that their child grows up to be everything they hoped they would. As River Song's parents are Amy and Rory proud to see what there daughter has grown up to be or disappointed? On one hand they could be very proud to see that River has become a very strong, independent woman. She is clearly very smart, brave, and a daring person. These are all great things to find in their daughter. She is also very much a mix of Amy and Rory's personalities; Amy being outgoing and adventurous and Rory being loyal and determined. However, there is plenty for Amy and Rory to be upset or disappointed about. They now know that their daughter grows up to be a convict in a maximum security prison (that she constantly breaks out of and back into) and having spent some time with River they are fully aware that she is capable and willing to kill things that stand in her way. Makes you wonder if Amy and Rory have ever speculated on why River is in the Stormcage Containment Facility. Next, would they be disappointed to see that their daughter grows up to be in a relationship with the Doctor? Amy could be upset because of her possible jealously that her daughter gets to 'be' with the Doctor and she didn't. Rory could also be upset because he now knows that both women in his life, his wife and his daughter, have fallen for the Doctor. Could they also be upset to see that their daughter as changed her name (or kept it changed)? I'm sure one of the next things on their mind is why River never told them that she was their daughter, but more importantly was she ever going to? Had the Doctor not forced River to say, which in turn made him run off and then caused Amy to panic, would River have offered this bit of information?

When you watch the scene in which River reveals the truth you can clearly see the shock on Amy and Rory's faces. Keep watching closely however and you will see Amy very subtly shake her head 'no'. Could this be a moment where Amy is in such shock that she couldn't hold in her true feelings of disappointment? Or a simple moment of disbelief that River was actually her daughter and standing in front of her?

How would you react to hearing River telling you this? How do you think Amy and Rory should feel?

They are neither. Since this has no basis in real life really nor a strong sci fi or fantasy reality base to it in any way whatsoever and to be fair it's a good idea...they are not proud of dissapointed. I think they have no idea how to react or feel and as it is Moffat writing, they aren't even given real feelings...they should be sad and upset and maybe even dissapointed but truth is they seem numb, especially Amy and especially after tonight's travesty of an episode. It was horrible. In any case, I don't think they feel anything or at least that we're shown. I'ts just a series of comedy that is not funny, events that make little sense and that the characters don't really react to in any believable manner...even the Doc when he's dying seems goofy and silly and it also seems boring and uneven in almost every scene. Predictable in some spots, boring when it's not. And hokey and silly and stupid. After 30 min I'd had had enough. So no, I don't think they feel either thing. 

I think they're just upset that they didn't get to raise her and be in her life.  They liked her before they knew she was their daughter so I don't think that will change.  I'm looking forward to seeing them develop a relationship with her actually.

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