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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 21 April 2017

'Spoilers!' No spoilers here, just a question / observation or two about them.

The line, 'Spoilers' turns up on screen in Doctor Who a number of times. The Gallifreyan Embassy (http://gallifreyanembassy.org/vortex/episodes) uses a montage of 'Spoilers!' audio clips from the show to warn Podshock listeners that they may be entering into spoiler territory BEFORE reviewing a TV episode. Having the story plot spoiled by knowing what is going to happen ahead of time ruins your enjoyment of it a number of ways. At the very least the element of suspense is removed from the experience and with a program like Doctor Who, suspense is often what drives a story. It takes the wind right out of your sails (see Enlightenment, 1983).

So? So when did it become okay for the BBC to warn us about 'Spoilers!' in and out of Doctor Who? In and out? IN, as in during an episode, when River Song won't reveal the future and instead proclaims 'Spoilers!' and OUT, when the BBC routinely divulges details about what's going to happen in future episodes via its website and to email subscribers of the site.

Longtime fans of Doctor Who were made to wait more than a year between Series 9 and Series 10. For our devotion and patience we're rewarded with 'Spoilers!' Seriously?

After an extended drought, a prolonged period with no new episodes aka the 'off season' which sometimes is an 'off year'... instead of sharing spoiler tidbits to stir up interest in the show RIGHT AFTER THE NEW SERIES BEGINS, maybe if the powers that be kept new episodes coming, even at an infrequent pace, say a couple each month, maybe then they would be less inclined to spoil future episodes with 'news' about the return of a long forgotten foe, or 'updates' about the reappearance of this character or the backstory of that character LONG BEFORE  'that character' ever makes their Doctor Who debut.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider whether I want to continue receiving 'news and updates' about Doctor Who from the BBC when so much of the information it dispenses defines 'Spoilers!'

Happy Travels!
Blue Box Bill

PS: And I’m well aware that the extended season of missing Doctor Who episodes between the 2015 and 2016 Christmas Specials is attributable to show runner Steven Moffat having too many professional commitments, or so the story goes, so please, don’t beat up up about that… I’m just looking at it through the eyes of your average fan, many of whom have got to wonder how Doctor Who can claim to be the world’s longest running science fiction television program when it dematerializes a year at a time?


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